Raffy Tulfo helps frustrated father of four whose wife left him for another man

Raffy Tulfo helps frustrated father of four whose wife left him for another man

  • Joseph Tutana and his four children sought the help of Raffy Tulfo.
  • Joseph's wife, Jenelyn Alfonso, left her family for another man.
  • Find out how this situation was resolved below.

Numerous Filipinos, mostly couples and individuals who feel helpless about their personal problems, seek the help of outspoken broadcaster Raffy Tulfo. Recently, Raffy had to deal with the case of a frustrated husband and father of four children, who pleaded with his wife to go home and come back to them.

The complainant, Joseph Tutana, appealed to Raffy Tulfo and complained about his OFW wife, Jenelyn Alfonso, because she hasn’t been going home. He narrated that Jenelyn has been in the Philippines for three months after working in Kuwait, but their children have only seen their mother once.

via facebook.com/raffytulfoinaction
via facebook.com/raffytulfoinaction

Their eldest child explained that their mother’s absence was their grandmother’s handiwork.

“Si lola po kasi ayaw bigay sa amin si mama e gusto na po ni mama umuwi sa amin.”

Their situation became clear once Jenelyn came on the phone. The mother denied the claims of her child and professed that the real reason why she was away from home was because Joseph had cheated on her in the past.

via facebook.com/raffytulfoinaction
via facebook.com/raffytulfoinaction

Joseph admitted to his affair and explained,

“Isang beses ko lang po yun ginawa sir, noong 2011 dahil po puro selos po. Nagtapat ako, inamin ko. Sinauli ko po siya sa magulang niya.”

He added that it was a one time thing.

“Wala na po. Dati po yun, matagal na po. 2011 tapos naging okay na kami.”

Jenelyn rebutted, saying that Joseph was seeing a new woman he met in Antipolo. In tears, one of the children pleaded with her to come home, but Jenelyn remained steadfast in her decision to leave her family.

via facebook.com/raffytulfoinaction

When Raffy asked Jenelyn if she was seeing someone, her husband and children answered yes, adding that their grandmother was in favor of Jenelyn’s new guy.

One of the children narrated,

“Sinabi po ni mama sa amin, ano, nagpapadala daw po yung lalaki sa kanya ng pera tapos sa mga kapatid ni mama nagpapadala po.”

Raffy Tulfo spoke to Jenelyn’s mother, Nimfa Alfonso, to ask for further clarifications with regards to the issue being discussed. On the phone, Nimfa denied pushing Jenelyn into the arms of another man. The man is reportedly named Rey and he met Jenelyn in Saudi.

via facebook.com/raffytulfoinaction

Joseph then became emotional, asserting that Jenelyn wasn’t giving sufficient money for their monthly expenses. In fact, there was one time when he only received PHP 7,000 for three months.

“Alam po ng anak ko yun. Bakit po siya nag-abroad? Para ‘di ba magtulungan kami? Oo, nagkamali ako isang beses pero hindi ko na inulit. Hindi ko na pinagpalit ‘yang apat na anak ko.”

via facebook.com/raffytulfoinaction
via facebook.com/raffytulfoinaction

After admitting that she was, indeed, having an affair with Rey, Jenelyn said,

“Mga anak, meron na akong bago. Ayoko na diyan sa tatay niyo. Sorry mga anak. Mahal na mahal ko kayong mga anak ko pero gusto ko lang na lumayo sa inyo para din naman sa inyo.”

Raffy Tulfo thought that the children should get to spend time with their mother before she leaves for Kuwait, so he arranged a family trip to Enchanted Kingdom. However, Jenelyn reasoned out and said that she had other plans on the day of the trip.

Nevertheless, Joseph and his kids continued on to their joyous trip to Enchanted Kingdom.

via facebook.com/raffytulfoinaction
via facebook.com/raffytulfoinaction

Watch the whole clip below.

Napahagulgol sila matapos prangkahin ni Nanay na iiwanan na niya sila at sasama na sa ibang lalaki.

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