Girl recounts her experience with a KTV employee who tried to s*xually assault her

Girl recounts her experience with a KTV employee who tried to s*xually assault her

  • S*xual harrasment against women happens more often than we would like think.
  • Recently, a girl went viral after she recounted her experience with a KTV employee who tried to [email protected] her.
  • Read on to catch the full story.

In spite of the collective effort to fight against these unfortunate cases, s*xual assault still take place more often than you think. What’s even more upsetting is the fact that harassers can be found anywhere, lurking in the most unexpected places and waiting to pounce on the most unsuspecting victims. A girl’s viral Facebook post narrated her traumatizing experience which happened at a Family KTV along Pasay City.

According to the subject, a waiter from the bar tried to [email protected] her.

It started when she was chanced upon by the employee talking over the phone in the hallway. The noise from the surrounding Karaoke rooms was making it hard for the girl to hear her friend on the line. Therefore, the guy walked up to her to say that she could use the empty room beside her, so she would be isolated from all the blasting music.

The employee in question was close with her friends, so the girl thought that she was safe in his presence. The girl went into the room, expecting that he would leave her alone, but he didn’t. At one point, he even asked her if she was fine to which the netizen nodded.

Then, the KTV employee faced her, caressed her face and tried to kiss her.


Of course, the girl fought by pushing him back on the sofa. She tried to leave the room but the employee wouldn’t let her. He stopped her by hugging her tight, all the while he was touching the victim everywhere. At this moment, she ended the call with her friend, continued to resist and cursed at him.

When she finally escaped the room, the girl ran back to immediately tell her friends what happened. Together, they made the employee come into the room to confront him. But, like any other s*xual predator, the employee denied and even said that they were mistaken. To make him admit what he did, the group requested the management if they could take a look at the CCTV.

Read on to know what happened next:


The girl revealed that she and her friends frequented the establishment. You’d think that regular customers would be taken care of by the staff. Unfortunately, the management didn’t just ignore her plea, but also made her look like she was lying.

As stated by the girl, she filed a complaint at the police station. The netizen, obviously traumatized by what happened, couldn’t find peace of mind after the KTV employee was detained.

After this story went viral, thousands of netizens aired out their anger and sympathy towards the victim. Check out what some of the concerned Facebook users had to say:



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